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Though it's already Boxing Day, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and continue to enjoy their holidays.

Have a happy and strong rest of the year and enjoy your time.

Best wishes to you all!
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(Some of you had to suspect this post was coming. XD)

Happy 29th Birthday Masaki Aiba!

Happy Birthday!!

Thank you so much, Aiba-chan, for everything. You bring a smile and sunshine to everything you do. You make the people around you smile. You make the fans smile. You even make people who aren't fans smile. That infectious laugh, that sunshine smile, those big friendly eyes, the effortless way you bring everyone in.

Thank you for being you. For giving me a place to go when I am depressed, upset, down or even just tired, where I will instantly feel better. Thank you for singing songs that no matter how I am feeling I will always smile when I listen to them, and feel better, even if only for a short while. Thank you for giving me escape, and for helping me up, even though you have no idea you are doing it.

Thank you Aiba-chan. And may this next year be even better.

(And please, Aiba-chan, take care of yourself and be careful. Everyone, fans and Arashi alike, would not like you to go to hospital again!)

(And since I need to get to sleep, you are currently spared an Aiba picspam... for now... *evil laughter*)
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For more info, click on the flyer.  It will be a wee cheaper to buy tickets through Inspire Creative (by calling their phone # provided on the website or by contacting me, and I will get it from them) than buying through DU (who charge an extra fee) and TicketMaster (who also charge an extra fee).  Unfortunately, this is a wee bit pricier than some shows, but we could only set the ticket price at what DU determined.
So, please come see me, if you can^.^
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Just for anyone out there who trolls my LJ but isn't a friend, or who was at the panel and knows my LJ name.

For anyone interested in visting Tokyo for a short or long stay, or anyone who has visited and wants to talk about it and share their experiences as well as help give advice for others, please come to my community: A Gaijin's Guide to Tokyo

If you were at the panel at NDK, we would certainly welcome you. But even if you weren't we welcome you anyway. Anyone who lives in North America or Europe is welcome if you need advice or want to share your experiences.

Oh, and Anne Marie, please spread the word to those that you talked to.

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If you are already on my f-list, no worries. I'm just posting a 'new' tag.

First Entry

Nov. 6th, 2004 02:09 am
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Well, I have finally gotten around to opening up a LJ account. And here it is. Whoopee!!

Anyway, this entry won't be very long. Just a starter.


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